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Wisdom does not just come with age – it also comes in a handy, trendy plastic pouch! With our “Be Wise, Sanitise” care kit, you can now protect yourself and others around you from harmful bacteria, viruses and pollutants with CIO2 technology. Each of the product covers an essential part of your daily life, from cleaning to keeping your clothes, cabinets and fridge clean, fresh and germs free. All of these products are neatly packed into a clear plastic pouch to give you an easy-to-see, all-in-one convenience. 

Shield on to shield others: let’s perfect our environment, one care kit at a time! 


  • “Be Wise, Sanitise” care kit contains 2 EA Masks (1 Blue + 1 Pink), 1 Virus Cleaner, 1 Bion Spray 10ml, 1 Bion Spray 70ml, 1 Bion Spray 95ml.
  • Reusable, transparent plastic pouch to clearly see the contents of what you are carrying for the day 
  • Perfect as gifts for your friends and loved ones – shield on to shield others, pass it forward! 
  • At its core, ClO2 is classified as an A1 disinfectant by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and trusted by innovators and industry leaders 
  • Effective surface diffusion using spray mechanism (for Virus Cleaner) 

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