ECOM Premium

$ 119.90


ECOM Premium comes with:


1 x ECOM® Car

1 x ECOM® Room Mini

1 x Bion Spray 95ml

1 x PropNex EA Mask





Enjoy each ride in a fresh, odour-free and germ-free environment. The ECOM® Car removes unpleasant odours, engine formaldehydes, benzene, TVOC, tobacco smoke and other harmful gases in your vehicle. Easy-clip allows for a fuss-free install at seat pockets, car sun visor or door pockets. Lasts up to 2 months of effective use.



ECOM® Room Mini


Covering up to 200 sq ft, the ECOM® Room Mini air cleaner removes harmful gases and formaldehydes, unpleasant odours, tobacco smoke, and eliminates airborne germs and viruses within an enclosed space. Best used indoors, such as bedrooms, toilets, work desks or common living areas. Portable and powered via USB cable, or using 4 AA batteries.



ECOM® Bion Spray


Food-grade deodouriser and sanitiser. Environmentally friendly with no harmful by-products, the ECOM® Bion Spray can disinfect hard and soft surfaces, including everyday items like hand-held keys, mobile phones, utensils, drink wares, etc. and is an effective odour remover. Made up of 100% refined Bio-ionised water, for safe and mobile sterilisation on-the-go.





ECOM® EA Mask eliminates airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, while offering the user 24/7 protection with a safe and steady, sustained release of ClO2. Wearable clip-on badge for individual and mobile protection.

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