ECOM NDP 2021 Pouch A

$ 20.90


ECOM CELEBRATES NDP2021 as principal partner with a exquisite giftset.
Consisting of 1 x EA Mask - tested by SETSCO Singapore in June 2021 for the 11th time, kills 99% bacterial and remove unpleasant odours.1 x Bion Spray 10ml - food grade sanitizer and deodoriser tested independently by Setsco Singapore and TUV Singapore in 2020, removes odour and kills 99% bacterial.

GRAB your limited edition exclusive NDP2021 pouches at celebratory now.

What’s in the bag:
1 × EA Mask
1 x 10ml Bion Spray

Transparent plastic with red trim
Packaging nett wt (g) 100
Packaging dimensions (cm) 22 L × 12 W × 5 D
Shelf life as stated on individual packaging
Usage duration refer to individual product’s spec sheet

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