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ECOM Home comes with:


1 x ECOM® Cool

1 x ECOM® Box

1 x ECOM® Wash

1 x ECOM® Virus Cleaner

1 x Bion Spray 95ml

1 x PropNex EA Mask



ECOM® Cool


Keep your fruits and vegetables crispy-fresh and germ-free, longer. The ECOM® Cool removes unpleasant odours, mold and mildew from fridge. Safe for use inside refrigerators or cold storages to lengthen shelf-life of food and perishables.





Keep your belongings and items in storage musk-free. The ECOM® Box removes unpleasant odours, mold and mildew. For use inside wardrobes, closets, shoe cabinets, storage units and small spaces.



ECOM® Wash


Your laundry companion, the ECOM® Wash penetrates deep into your clothes by targeting germs and bacteria, while removing tough odours and stains. Marvel at how your machine drum turns shinier with every wash! Left indoors? No worries, clothes remain fresh and odour-free!



ECOM® Virus Cleaner


An industry grade, multi-purpose deodoriser and disinfectant, the ECOM® Virus Cleaner effectively sterilises surfaces using an efficient spray mechanism. Keep your kitchen countertops, shower and toilets smelling fresh! This chlorine dioxide aqueous solution can also disinfect hard and soft surfaces, and eliminate mold and other unpleasant odours such as waste and tobacco smoke.



ECOM® Bion Spray


Food-grade deodouriser and sanitiser. Environmentally friendly with no harmful by-products, the ECOM® Bion Spray can disinfect hard and soft surfaces, including everyday items like hand-held keys, mobile phones, utensils, drink wares, etc. and is an effective odour remover. Made up of 100% refined Bio-ionised water, for safe and mobile sterilisation on-the-go.





ECOM® EA Mask eliminates airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, while offering the user 24/7 protection with a safe and steady, sustained release of ClO2. Wearable clip-on badge for individual and mobile protection.

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