Armour Up

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Has this happened to you? 

You have just prepared yourself to step out and get ready to enjoy the day you planned. When suddenly, after reaching the bus stop or the parking lot, you have forgotten your hand sanitizer or your facial mask. Only to walk back home and to retrieve it. 

When we step out of the house, we would think a lot about our protection. Especially during this pandemic period. It is frustrating to have these thoughts in our heads when we go about our daily lives. 

Continuous conscience careful planning, to bring and wear our facial mask is currently a daily routine in our lives. We did not have to think of such things at all before.. 

That is why ECOM Singapore has a line of products that are easy to use and very convenient. 

Introducing, the outdoor "Armour" Ecom Products. We deemed this our pièce de résistance for outside protection. Here is what you need for your armour when you step into the outside world to battle your day. 

Firstly, you need a Shield and a Helmet! The EA Mask will be your strong shield and helmet for added protection. Imagine, a “ forcefield” surrounding you and your entire respiratory system, like a spacesuit helmet. 

This is to sanitize, deodorize, and shield you from the harmful microorganism and bacteria that arefloating, whimsically, and gracefully in the air like a ghost that is out to haunt you without you knowing it.  

Next, you need your armour! Imagine you wearing the Ironman suit (without the gadgets of course). The Bion Spray works like an armour on your skin upon using it. It protects you up to a week from harmful pollutants that are on the surfaces that we touch.

You may even use it on cutleries and utensils as it is a food-grade sanitizer (non-alcoholic, of course). And yes, we have a clip-on version of the Bion Spray. 

Now, if you have a superhero vehicle aka your car, you will need a filter to do justice to it Especially if you are constantly opening and closing the doors and windows to get your job done. 

The Ecom Car is the protection you need for that private space when you are in your vehicle. 

Let's face it:  when you drive, there will be times when you can smell the outside atmosphere while you are driving with the air conditioner on. Most of us forget about built-in car filter. Ask yourself: when was the last time you had your vehicle air filter cleaned or changed? 

A part from the mandatory facial mask you wear, we can't control what is in the air around us when we are outside. With these Ecom’s range of products, you regain control and the sense of security that you and everyone around you is well protected. 

Author: Ecom
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