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Harness the power of CIO2

At the heart of all ECOM products lies our passion for a better, healthier world – powered by a world-class, eco-friendly cost effective key ingredient. Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2), classified A1 by the world Health Organisation (WHO), is universally known for its powerful effectiveness as an oxidising agent, and potent disinfectant. Perfected by Japanese-patented technology and rigorous manufacturing standards, our range of ECOM products aims to protect you in every phase of your life, wherever, whenever.

Extending its reach to our shores

Curious consumers, homeowners and their families are privileged to experience the revolutionary patency of ECOM’s product suite made available here – courtesy of Mamoru Marketing Pte Ltd, exclusive distributor for ECOM products in Singapore. With your tried-and trusted ECOM brand, make the first step towards improving the quality of your air protecting your loved ones from harmful germs and bacteria, and living a stronger, healthier you.